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Malady leads to a Merlin

I was sitting at home sick today, and Kellie called me over - a raptor had just nabbed a bird and landed on the ice rink across the street. I ran to grab our binoculars so that we could see it better. A couple of crows flew in - hoping to steal food from the smaller raptor. As the raptor took off to get away from the crows, we identified it as a Merlin! Nice to get a new yard bird and a bird for my green big half year without even leaving the house!

Miles biked on this trip: 0

Miles biked year to date: 130.6

Species count: 36

My bike birding eBird profile:

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Mar 19, 2019

For those who appreciate puns, this could also be titled "Ma Lady..." since I led you to it ;)

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