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Who I am

This is me!

I'm a bird guide based in Minneapolis.  I started birding after Kellie introduced me to birds during college and law school and then it slowly consumed more and more of my life!  After I started eBirding in 2013, things really took off and I've been pretty hardcore since then.  For my day job, I work as an Attorney Editor for Thomson Reuters (the new form of the old West Publishing company), but I'd rather just talk about birds. 


Most of my personal birding in Minnesota is done by bike.  I co-own a car with 3 other people, primarily for environmental reasons, but I love to bike, so that is mostly how I get around.  If you are interested in birding but want to minimize your environmental footprint, bike birding is a great alternative to using  a private car!  In 2019 I did a Green Big Year, where the only birds that counted were ones I saw by biking, walking, and canoeing from my home.  I saw 238 species in Minnesota on my Green Big Year, a new record!


I also love to travel and visit other places and see the birds and wildlife there.  Kellie and I travel often, and we usually spend quite a bit of our time being out in nature and experiencing the wildlife of a place.  I help to run a group called Minnesota Global Birders, which meets monthly to share and learn about international birding travel.  

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